Ground Beef in Instant Pot

  So last night I got home at 645 and was feeling horrible.  So instead of just making a freezer meal.  I decided to make my favorite dish when I have allergies, Korean Beef.  The best part is that I could do all of it in my Instant Pot.  Plus normally on Saturday I make…

How to make Beans in your Instant Pot

Cooking in the kitchen has taken on new meaning – all because of ONE appliance. Funny how that works – right?! It’s not that I didn’t enjoy cooking before… because I did. But this one appliance just made it incredibly FUN to be in the kitchen.  Pull me out now well… that might be hard….

Homemade Applesauce in 6 minutes

  So I love t make homemade food more than anything in the world.  I am tired of my family having extra preservatives so I try and make what I can from scratch. So when I finally realized I could make this myself I tried and it was an amazing.  So here I am sharing…

Basil Chicken Tomato Pasta in Instant Pot

  Who wants to try something different?  Oh, I know I do and with it the new near and all I decided to start off with a BANG.  So tonight for dinner I made something new for my family and the good news is they loved it.  So I am sharing with you this simple…

Potato Soup In the Instant Pot

So I love warm food like soup on a cold day.  So today I decided to make Potato Soup In the Instant Pot.  It was quite easy and tasted so good that I am glad I made enough for me to have leftovers tomorrow.

Roasted Red Potatoes (Instant Pot)

Baby Red Potatoes are delicious when they are perfectly cooked and roasted in the Instant Pot, combined with Rosemary and a tiny butter they are a wonderful addition to any main meal. To achieve crispy potatoes in the Instant Pot, you will need to brown them first, then cook them until they are done. You’ll…

Honey Glazed Carrots made Simple

Who knew that making glazed carrots would be so easy? I didn’t and since I didn’t I am betting you didn’t either.  So here is a recipe to help you know how to make and serve weekly on your meal plan.  If you follow my recipe it will serve 4 people comfortably.