FallOFF The Bone Instant Pot Ribs



Ribs on the grill are beyond amazing but when you can’t grill because of the rain.  You have to substitute.  So I made my ribs in the Instant Pot and the meat fell off the bone.  My husband was like WOW they are so good we should do this way when we crave ribs in the winter.  So check out my easy recipe below.   


Fall of The Bone Instant Pot Ribs, click here to Pin this recipe.

What you need

2-3 Lbs. Rack Baby Back Ribs
1 cup of apple juice
1/2 to 1 cup apple cider vinegar 
1 few drops of liquid smoke
1/2 tsp of garlic powder
1/2 tsp of onion powder
the more vinegar you use the stronger the taste
1 jar of BBQ Sauce (any you want)


How to make

Take the membrane as much as you can off the back of the ribs.
Next rub in your garlic and onion powder.  
Then add in your trivet and all your liquid.
Next, place your ribs on the trivet.
Close the lid and turn on for 18 minutes.  
After the timer goes off let naturally release for 15 minutes then release any remaining pressure
While the pressure is releasing you will turn your oven on to broil high
Once the oven is ready you will place the racks of ribs onto a oven tray. 
Rub on some BBQ Sauce and cook in the oven for 5-7 minutes.  
Next add on some more bbq sauce if you want then enjoy your dinner. (optional)

Also if it is a nice day and you are grill already you can you can finish them off on the BBQ, if you prefer.


18 thoughts on “FallOFF The Bone Instant Pot Ribs

  1. Hey you forgot the pot I didn’t see it on your list at all. How much pot do you use and when do you add it.

    1. I believe Kassie made this recipe (I’m the other half of the blog!) – she has the same IP as I do, and that is the 7-in-1.

  2. I am going to make these this afternoon and the only issue is that the broil on my oven is not working right now. So is the purpose of the broil for 5-7 minutes to complete cooking or simply to crisp up the outside? If I must put them in the oven after, what temp should I use and for how long? Hopefully I’ll hear back before I cook them in a couple hours. Thank you.

    1. Yes, it is to crisp up the ribs. If you can place them in the oven at 450 it will work too. It might just take them a little longer.

    1. You never double the time. You can normally put two racks in and do the same time. I do sometimes add 1-2 extra minutes but that is at MOST.

  3. Hello-

    I’m still new to the instant pot and feel stupid for asking since none of the other comments ask about it but when you say “close lid and turn on for 18 minuets” what button did you press?? I have my instructional manual right here and the manual says to press “poultry” for ribs — is that what you did??

    I overspent on meat today so… really hoping these turn out 😬😬😬

  4. I have a question? Are you cutting the ribs and stacking them on the trivet? I’m planning to double the amount of ribs, if possible! I see some videos that are literally wrapping the ribs around the Instant Pot, no trivet! I’m going to make this tomorrow and thought I’d ask! Thank you very much for any help or suggestions you have to share!

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