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Baked Beans Instant Pot Recipe

March 8, 2017 Recipe Artist 5

So I love baked beans butI hate thinking about what is added to a can of baked beans.  So my first thought, when I got my Instant Pot, was to be able to make staples in my house in a

Instant Pot Chocolate Cheesecake

March 6, 2017 Sheryl C 0

  Instant Pot Chocolate Cheesecake, click her to pin the recipe. Who doesn’t love a beautiful piece of chocolate cheesecake? I’ll take one.. maybe two – please, don’t judge me 😉 I love chocolate, and I always have to hold myself back. Cheesecake was one read more…

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Instant Pot orange Marmalade

March 3, 2017 Recipe Artist 0

  My favorite thing is making homemade food.  I love knowing what is in it mainly so when I Orange MarmaladeI was more than excited.  My family loves this so I made enough to surprise them and they all have now had to try and they read more…

Cajun Gumbo in Instant Pot

February 27, 2017 Recipe Artist 0

My favorite meal in the world is Homemade Cajun Gumbo.  It is the perfect food for a cold day and also perfect just for comfort food.  Plus this is my husband’s favorite meal so I make it monthly from November until March.  This Cajun Gumbo read more…

Soup Round Up for Instant Pot

February 22, 2017 Recipe Artist 0

Soup is my favorite meal to eat when the weather gets cold.  So when I got my Instant Pot I was excited because I could make soup more.  Since this blog was started a few months ago we have done 10 soup recipes s far read more…

Instant Pot Irish Colcannon Soup

February 22, 2017 Sheryl C 2

This traditional Irish Colcannon Soup is a common St. Patrick’s Day addition to the regular corned beef and cabbage.  It’s incredibly easy to make – a trip to the Farmer’s Market will give you everything you need, and let your Instant Pot do all the read more…

Instant Pot Corned Beef

February 17, 2017 Recipe Artist 2

  St. Paddy Day is an important day for us. I cook my husband his favorite food which normally takes all day. So I thought I could shorten it with my Instant Pot. So I tried and it came out amazing and now I’ll share read more…

Instant Pot Italian Sausage Soup

February 16, 2017 Sheryl C 0

I don’t know too many people who don’t love an amazing bowl of soup – especially italian sausage soup! This particular soup is incredibly easy when you have sausage leftover – maybe you made this copycat Olive Garden Zuppa Toscana — in which case, use read more…