Potato Salad in Instant Pot


 I make over 5 lbs of potato salad each year for family gatherings. It is great to make but having to watch the pot constantly while trying to do other things is hard for me at times.  So today when I had to make mashed potatoes I decided to make in my Instant Pot.  It took 1/3 of the regular time for me to make.  Also I was able to boil the eggs at the same time. 


3 lbs of fresh potatoes
4 Eggs
salt and pepper
2 cloves of garlic
1/2 cup of onion 
2cups of water or broth.

How to make

Clean the potatoes first in your sink
Once clean you will peel your potatoes if you want, I dice mine up so they cook faster
then dice up and place in the pressure cooker and cook for 9 minutes
Next add in your water or broth so the potatoes will cook.
Last place the eggs on top 
Also add your garlic and salt and pepper


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