Easy Instant Pot Shepherd’s Pie


This shepherd’s pie is cooked partially in the Instant Pot and browned in the oven.  So you can brown the top of the pie like it is supposed to be.  For this recipe, I do use a pot in pot method.  So I hope you enjoy making Shepard Pie made in your Pressure Cooker.

Shepherd’s Pie, click here to repin this recipe so you can have for later.

What you need to make it.

1 1/2 pounds of ground beef
2 lbs of white potatoes, quartered 
1 cup of fresh diced onion
2 tsp of fresh minced garlic
1-2 cups of frozen mixed veggies (carrots, corn, and peas)
3/4 cup of beef broth
1 stick of butter
2 tsp of Italian seasoning
Salt and pepper
I added a little parsley on top for color.

How to make 

  • Place 1/2 cup of beef broth on the bottom of your pressure cooker.
  • Then add your potatoes on the bottom of your pressure cooker. 
  • Next, use a pot that is oven safe and place in your ground beef, Italian seasoning, onion, garlic, salt, pepper and beef broth and then mix up well.  Place this pot on top of your potatoes.
  • Place the lid on your pressure cooker and turn onto manual mode for 9 minutes
  • Once the timer goes off I let it naturally release for 5 minutes, also you turn your oven on to broil low (350).
  • Once the 5 minutes of natural release is up you will and then I open the valve and release the rest of the pressure quickly.  
  •  Now I get out a different round oven dish and spray with cooking oil for easier cleanup.
  • Then place the ground beef with veggies in a different glass dish and mix up well with the ground beef  (I used my potato masher).
  • Now you will mash up your potatoes
  • Now spread the mashed potatoes onto the ground beef.
  •  You can rough up the surface of the mashed potatoes if you would like with a fork so there are peaks that will get well browned.
  •  Now place in the oven and cook for 5-7  minutes or until the potatoes are browned to your liking.

Now go enjoy this amazing Shepard Pie and also since no that you have had my husband’s favorite dish you should try mine.  Which is shrimp with grits and here is the recipe. 

shepherd's pie instant pot



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