Sprouted Rice and Quinoa in Instant Pot

I hear all the time is it possible to make Healthy recipes in your Instant Pot.  The answer is yes, you just have to make them health.  If you find a recipe you like then instead of using rice or pasta you can sub it out.  I do that for my husband’s weekly meal plan.  He loves so much that I thought I would share with you how I make.

Sprouted Rice and Quinoa in Instant Pot

Ingredents to make enough for 4 people or 4 days

1 1/2 cups of Sprouted Rice and Quinoa 
3 cups of water
Salt for a little flavor

How to make

You will first clean your Sprouted Rice and Quinoa in the sink.
Next you will place your Sprouted Rice and Quinoa in your Instant Pot
and the water plus salt and pepper.  
Last you will place your Instant Pot on manual mode on high pressure and
cook for 13 minutes then let it natural release for 10 minutes.  
If there is still pressure after that open your valve.


2 thoughts on “Sprouted Rice and Quinoa in Instant Pot

  1. What proportion of rice-quinoa blend is this for? I tried this with a mix of 2/3 sprouted rice and 1/3 quinoa (my usual mix by rice cooker) and the result was a soup-porridge consistency…thanks!

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